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Blue Light Beverages

We all have those moments where we think we’re amazing, invincible, hell we can do absolutely anything we bloody-well want and without consequence too…. Onward we go!

Oh wait, the fleeting moment of madness has passed. You’re part-way through the impossible and have quickly realised you’re a very silly person who in fact isn’t invincible.

The Beyoncé type feeling of true empowerment has just turned to utter panic. Much like a cat, proudly scaling the tallest tree, only to realise they’re petrified of heights halfway up and guess what?! They never went to down-tree climbing school.

Thankfully for us, we’re never more than a phone call away from heroic teams of people, usually underpaid and underappreciated, they are ready to jump into danger and harms way, ensuring we (the fools) live to experience another day.

Expertly trained to selflessly assist idiots, cats up trees and other folk who seem to get into all kinds of trouble around here (sometimes through no fault of their own we might add). These teams are our emergency services, our lifeline. The main reason thousands of us are still here, able to enjoy the finer things in life, like gin, home baked cake, bank holidays and cat-less trees. It’s all possible… because of them.

To our Police, Ambulance, Fire & Rescue, Coast Guards to Mountain Rescue and more. You are the every-day heroes we couldn’t live without. The blue light services that just keep giving and never seem to take in return.

On behalf of all those cats up trees and invincible Beyoncé's of Pickering, Two Burgate salute you and want to say ‘Thanks’. So, forget that ‘Blue Light Discount’ on your favourite cup of tea. At Two Burgate you’ll get your cup of coffee or tea, for free!

Two Burgate are proudly supporting our emergency services and all the incredible people who keep our community (and cats) safe.

Thank you to each and every, single one of you. You ARE appreciated and you WILL be kept hydrated!!!

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