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Forget Pizzerias, the Pizzas are 'Ere

It's one of the most popular foods in the world, with the average Brit devouring approximately 731 pizzas in a lifetime, although I'm sure our team here at Two Burgate eat more than that between us each year. As a nation we definitely know what we love, but also what we'd rather avoid when it comes to our pizzas. A recent survey showed that Britain are definitely not fans of: Cumberland sausage or prawns on top of our beloved pizza pies.

Two Burgate Cafe Bar are bringing a touch of Italian flare to Pickering (don't worry we'll be leaving the Cumberland sausage and prawns a safe distance away from the oven).

Whether you're the sophisticated type, eating with a knife and fork, or prefer to just get your hands involved like ravenous New Yorkers', we have a pizza with your name on it (not literally though, sorry).

Unlike the USA, who celebrate National Pizza Month in October, in Britain we don't dedicate a slice of our annual calendar to these tasty circles. To rectify this and make things right with the pizza gods once more, we're serving up sumptuous stone-baked, cheesy goodness from 5pm to 8pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings. Our 12" stone-baked pizzas are limited only by your imagination, well... and the ingredients we stock, but you can have any combination your heart desires.

You could play it safe with a traditional margherita (we won't judge), or go wild with our fresh, locally sourced meats, vegetables and other delicious toppings to create your own personal masterpiezza (see what we did there?).

To get yourself really into the spirit, unleash your inner Italian side with us and wash your pizza down with a tipple of our finest Italian Major gin.

Check out our food page for more information and a look at the other foods we have on offer.

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