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Gin of the Month - April 2019

When choosing a gin, it’s all too easy to play it safe and stick with your trusty, tried and tested favourites and we get it, nobody wants to spend their hard-earned cash on a gin that rightfully belongs in the bin, why risk the unknown right? Wrong! Here at Two Burgate we’re on a mission. We want to take you on a journey of discovery with us, far into the outer regions of your gin comfort zone, shake the dust off your adventurer pants and start mixing things up a bit with us.

You know the saying, life is short and there are so many amazing gins out there to just stick with the same boring one! Yes, you may think it’s the best, but have you tried the rest? Join us each month, as we boldly go where few gin drinking Yorkshire folk have gone before. Open your mind and unleash the possibilities of discovering some of the best gins imaginable with our ‘Gin of the Month’.

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Right, hold onto your hats and let the new month beGin!

Month: April 2019

Gin of the Month: Hedgerow Gin

Distillery: Sloemotion

Region: North Yorkshire

ABV: 42%

Garnish With: Apple & Thyme

The Gin:

Hedgerow Gin – Made in small batches and lovingly given the tagline ‘British Spirit with Yorkshire Heart’. You really get the feel of Yorkshire in this drink, leave pretention at the cottage door (by the wellies) and enjoy truly local ingredients such as crab apple, grassy nettle leaf and cloudy elderflowers within this delicate, naturally floral drink.

We all want to feel we’re doing our part for the environment, but realistically a sustainable life for most of us is more than just a stones throw away. That’s why we love sipping this stuff, closing our eyes and imagining the cool breeze on our face, the cheerful bird song as we merrily pluck natures gifts from the never-ending hedgerows teeming with playful countryside wildlife. The smell of homecooked food drifting across the field as we forage and listen to the lambs call to their mothers in the distance.

Aaaaand you’re back in the room, drinking your gin whilst dreaming of life on the hedge as the guys at Sloemotion call it. We’re guessing this state of mind is exactly what they wanted to convey with their exquisite gin. Peace, beauty and respect for the countryside, topped off with a bloody good gin to boot. Being from North Yorkshire, we can’t get enough of the stuff, however this gin could also serve as your own personal escape to the country, even if you live in the tallest high-rise block of flats, surrounded by beeping cars, police sirens and city smog; just pop the cork and feel free to frolic in the fields of your mind.

For those that like a bit more tang to their gin, whilst still keeping things very ‘Yorkshire’, we also highly recommend: Rhubarb & Raspberry Hedgerow Gin. This perky, pink gin will be the summer tipple of so many households. Paired perfectly with elderflower tonic, this drink shouldn’t be dismissed due to being pink and therefore at the forefront of gin fashion, no. We feel this subtly sweet treat will make sunshine Pimm’s parties a thing of the past.

When you look at the elegant bottle designs, clean and classic branding, it may be easy to forget, this isn’t a fad. Yorkshire never goes out of style.

About Sloemotion:

Founded in 2002, Sloemotion (a small family business) started its life just a hop, skip and jump away from Two Burgate. But locality isn’t the only reason we adore these guys. When you read through their website you’d be forgiven for thinking you’d fallen into a rather delightful Beatrix Potter tale. Foraged fruits, handpicked from local hedgerows and orchards by cute little hat wearing hedgehogs… Ok, we may have made the last bit up, but their love of nature, the North Yorkshire countryside and the abundance of animals (donning headwear or not) shines through in their gin.

This really is guilt-free gin in all its glory, even the gin sample cups they use are biodegradable. And don’t even get us started on how adorable their loyal employee Patch is (check him out on the Sloemotion website).

So, if you love, locally, ethically produced gin (who on this earth doesn’t) and you haven’t tried Sloemotion yet, what’s keeping you? Start living life on the hedge and discover why the place to be now-a-days in definitely the hedgerow.

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