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Gin of the Month - May 2019

Gin: Sir Robin of Locksley Distilled Artisan Gin

Distillery: Locksley Distilling Co. Ltd

Region: Sheffield, South Yorkshire

ABV: 40.5%

Garnish: Citrus Peel or Pink Grapefruit

The Gin:

Steeped in local history, this unique gin hails from Sheffield and is named after a very important chap you’re all sure to have heard of: Sir Robin of Locksley… Not ringing any bells? Maybe that’s because we know him better as the one, the only, legendary Robin Hood.

Sir Robin of Locksley is said to have been the inspiration for the lovable outlaw, who’s been embroiled in many heroic tales for over 600 years, robbing from the rich to give to the poor and largely considered one of the best-known tales of English folklore… ever.

Who better to name your very first gin after? But this name isn’t just a neighbourly nod to the Yorkshire hero, this gin is standing tall and making a statement. Just like Robin Hood, this Sir Robin of Locksley gin knows its calling.

Not one of the biggest, mass produced, or most royal gins on the market, no. But it is one of the very best, full of heart, loved by the people and on a valiant mission to succeed without compromise, yes!

This (alongside it’s tantalising citrusy taste) is one of the main reasons we simply adore this gin at Two Burgate and have spent many a-night as Merry Men (and Women), enjoying it (see what we did there).

Starting out life as a true English sipping gin that falls somewhere between London Dry and Old Tom, this distinctive off-dry style drink is smooth and versatile with delectable notes of pink grapefruit, juniper and just a hint of dandelion and elderflower to keep you coming back for more.

This gin is genuinely like no other, being skillfully made by hand in small batches of around 1,300 bottles. If you were looking for a unique, local gin that steals your heart like a charming, reckless rogue, it’s time to call off the hunt. In the wise words of Bryan Adams, “everything this gin does, it does it for you”. Enjoy neat, over ice, with mixers, tonic, or even as part of a great cocktail.

The heart and soul of this gin may reside in Sir Robin of Locksley’s birthplace Locksley Valley (now renamed Loxley), but it will be celebrated, stand the test of time and have its name whispered far and wide, just like the tales of it’s namesake Robin Hood.

About Locksley Distilling:

In many ways the comparison between Robin Hood and Locksley Distilling is very apt, the company pride itself on making real and fair products, using local talent, 100% British wheat-based spirits and naturally organic botanicals.

This isn’t just to perfect the delicious taste of their gins, it’s also to eliminate chemicals, pollutants, ensure wildlife and animal welfare and basically stand out as a shining force of goodness in a world where selfish, immoral companies often prosper.

Located in Sheffield, the birthplace of stainless steel, this distillery functions out of one of the very last remaining purpose-built, traditional metal trade factories. This impressive, historical building only remains today due to the tireless support by volunteers, generous donations and other charitable institutions. So, the very home of this distillery exists because goodwill and kindness can prevail even in today’s harsh, profit-driven world, Sir Robin of Locksley himself would be so proud.

Locksley Distilling operate a ‘Fair Trade’ policy whilst making their gins. This means all people involved in the gin manufacturing process, from start to finish are fairly rewarded, with the product being sold at a fair price. Forget your over-inflated profit margins and irresponsible brands that wouldn’t know who Jiminy Cricket was if he slapped them in the face. On an evening the Locksley Distillery clan and their clear consciences sleep like logs from Sherwood Forest.

Speaking of forests, Locksley Distilling also support ‘Fair Wild’ policies, which is simply a breath of fresh air for consumers. We love trying an exciting new brand of gin, but I think we can all agree that gin tastes so much better when you know the company only uses the very least damaging farming methods, promoting naturally healthy soil and protecting the wild for future generations to come. Scrumptious and sustainable, it just keeps getting better!

These hardworking guys, create, produce, distil, bottle and pack each of their Sir Robin of Locksley gins, all on their own site. Phew, we need a lie down just thinking about it. But seriously, the dedication, care and kindness that goes into each and every bottle of their gin is simply inspiring.

For such a small, philanthropical company to create a gin so sublime and in keeping with Robin Hood’s idealistic values really is something to celebrate. So, join us at Two Burgate, grab a glass of Sir Robin of Locksley and enjoy delicious, guilt-free drinking.

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