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It'll be a Full House for GINGO!

Here in the UK we all love ourselves a fast-paced, high-stakes game of Bingo. Sitting down with like-minded folk, drink in hand whilst a charismatic caller, with a voice for radio, stuns you with their never-ending knowledge of tenuously rhyming number nicknames.

Not big up on bingo numbers? Here... Let us give you a little helping hand, as we tell you all about our upcoming Gingo night.

'Me & You' (Number 2) Burgate are very excited to be hosting our very first Gingo event. No, don't worry, we're not tipsy enough to be making typos, we just thought "what's better than Bingo?" Well... Gin and Bingo of course!

So, if you're 'Young & Keen' (number 15), you can 'Pick a Mate' (number 68) and join us on Thursday 12th March 2020. The fun begins at 7pm with tickets costing £20 each. For each ticket you'll be 'Getting Plenty' (number 20).

Including 4 Bingo books and 4 gins. Not a fan of gin?... Get out! (only joking) You can swap the gins for wine, rum or soft drinks if you prefer.

We won't be serving 'Chicken Vindaloo' (number 52), but there will be nibbles throughout the night.

We want to 'Bang on the Drum' (number 71) about the fantastic prizes, vouchers and cash on offer for winners through the night. Nobody could 'Ask for More' (number 34).

If you're feeling 'Lucky' (number 7) grab your finest Bingo dauber and make sure you secure your tickets. All tickets are strictly on a pre-book, first come, first served basis only.

So, 'Get Up & Run' (number 31) as they're already selling fast and it'll be 'Unlucky for Some' (number 13) if you leave it too late or turn up without a ticket.

You can talk to 'The Man at the Door' (number 54) by popping in to see us for tickets, or you can 'Clickety Click' (number 66) on our social media or website to bag your place.

It's time to leave your Bingo expectations at the door. Yes, we may have some 'Grandma's Getting Frisky' (number 60) but all this Gingo fun will definitely have us doing a 'Jump & Jive' (number 35) with many leaving 'In a State' (number 28).

Hopefully, this foray into the wonderful world of Bingo numbers has whet your appetite. Don't delay, book your Gingo tickets today!

2 Burgate Gingo evening in Pickering

Thursday 12th March 2020

Starts 7pm

£20 per ticket

Included with each ticket: 4 bingo book, 4 gins and nibbles

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