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Gin of the Month - July 2019

Updated: Jul 10, 2019

Gin: Herb Gin

Distillery: Cooper King

Region: York

ABV: 40%

Garnish: Fresh Basil Leaf

The Gin:

We all crave a little bit of adventure in our lives, to spice up the humdrum and challenging day-to-day life that adulting demands of us. It’s easy to feel powerless and small in such a large, busy and overwhelming world. We’re repeatedly being told what’s ‘good for us’ and let’s be honest it’s usually the stuff that has as much taste-appeal as soggy cardboard. Always being made to believe our pleasures all must be ‘guilty’, as they’re often bad for us, bad for those around us and most importantly bad for the environment.

Our ‘Gin of the Month’ this July is a shining, emerald green potion of adventure and change. A glimpse into the future, or what the future could and very much ‘should’ be, if you choose to take a sip. A pleasure that’s 100% good and 100% green, one that’ll leave your mouth watering, your conscience clean, green and your pockets less deprived of cash than they’ve ever been.

Too good to be true? Sounds like it, doesn’t it. But believe us, this Cooper King Herb Gin is the incredible hulk of the gin world, especially when it comes to the environment. Powerfully punching us with the taste of responsibly sourced ingredients, reduced impacts on our planet during manufacturing and greenery within the local community thriving when people buy it. Basically, this drink is as green as they come, without actually looking green.

As you chase around your local gin shop, in search of Cooper King Herb Gin, you’ve already transported yourself into a world of adventure. Much like Dorothy seeking out precious emerald green objects, amidst an array of old fashioned, dull and dusty relics in the Walt Disney film, Return to Oz. You’ve opened your world to the possibility that things aren’t always as they seem, things CAN change, in fact, change is here and it’s frickin’ delicious!

If like many, your gin search is usually based on familiarity, regularity and keeping things strictly predictable, I’m afraid you’ve found yourself in the wrong adventure and might want to swiftly turn around before you fall right out of your comfort zone. Should you be looking for something new, bold and absolutely beaming with beauty inside and out, you’ve just joined the adventure of a lifetime with us and the very clever team at Cooper King Distillery. One taste and thing’s will never return to normal; this adventure will change how you drink and shop for your gin.

Herb Gin, newly launched this June is packed full of the finest ingredients, including fresh basil and luxurious lemongrass. Changing things up and going against the grain of tradition with it’s cold distilled manufacturing process. Brrrrrrrrilliantly preserving the delicately delicious basil and lemongrass flavours, which would otherwise have been obliterated by the brutal, burning heat of a traditional hot distil (Genius! We’d expect nothing less from former Scientist Abbie over at CK Distillery).

You can enjoy the fine balance of basil, lemongrass and aromatic clove in this Herb Gin neat over ice or kick up a fizz with a light tonic (we highly recommend Fevertree Indian mixers), adding fresh basil to the glass for flavour and that little touch of class.

Trust us, nothing screams ‘living your best life’, than nipping out to ones homegrown herb garden for a snip of basil to add to your sociably responsible, yet affordable tipple of gin (even if you have to cheat and buy a basil plant from Lidl, you’re still winning at life in our eyes.)

How’s it good for the environment? Not only is this gin made using 100% green energy (bravo, we say!) but that silky, sweetness you can taste, that’s coming right from Cooper King Distillery’s own beehives and their sustainable, happy, buzzy and very well looked after honeybees.

Cooper King have even planted their own orchard for growing ingredients, such as fruits, botanicals and supporting pollinators, including their army of bees. The young orchard is kept prosperous using the spent botanicals, which are turned into compost, reducing landfill and championing the distillery’s fabulous ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ mantra.

Is all this greenery really making a difference? It sure is, but if all that green goodness isn’t enough to get you excited would you believe us if we told you that every single bottle of Herb Gin you purchase, will increase the woodland in the Yorkshire Dales by one square meter? No, we’re afraid there’s no magic involved here. Just good people, making great gin and doing their best for the natural world around them. Drink gin and the woodland will grow. This adventure just turned into a real life fairy-tale.

How’s it good for your purse? Simply take your empty Cooper King gin bottle across to the distillery near York and the lovely folks there will refill it for you, knocking a whopping £6 off the price of a new bottle. So, you get that fuzzy warm, rewarding feeling that you’re doing your part for the environment AND your purse is a whole £6 heavier each time. Win-win, and another valid excuse to buy more gin (as if we really needed one anyway).

Our parents favourite saying ‘get your greens down you’ couldn’t be more apt here. Get this green Herb drink down you and watch the Yorkshire Dales become bigger, stronger and greener than ever before, all through making a good, responsible choice when it comes to buying and drinking gin. The world we live in may be mad at times, but things just got a whole load herbier, things just got green!

About Cooper King Distillery:

Based just outside the beautiful City of York, stands Cooper King a truly independent, family owned, crowd-funded distillery. Built from the ground up (literally) by Scientist Dr Abbie Neilson and Architect Chris Jaume a few years ago.

The CK distillery was born through adventure when the talented Abbie and Chris, desperate to leave the mundane 9 to 5 behind them, set off across the globe together. Instead of just finding what most of us Brits do when abroad: a cracking display of sunburn and a weird appreciation of rubbish British weather, they found themselves mesmerised by the whisky distilleries in Tasmania. So much so that they eventually returned home and set about taking a chance and making some pretty huge changes in their lives.

Ditching their not too shabby careers (who wants to be a Doctor of science or an chartered Architect anyway!?!) to start a sustainable, sociably responsible gin and whisky distillery, underpinned by craftmanship, honesty and adventure. Bringing us freer, environmentally friendly spirits.

The name Cooper King comes from Chris’s adventurous great-great-grandfather, Charles Cooper King. Chris and Abbie have traced the Cooper King family right back to the date 1030 and are keeping the family feel alive and well with their amazing range of products, all manufactured using 100% green energy. Leading the way in small batch distilleries by proving that positive environmental change can be made when creating desirable drinks.

Cooper King may have bagged the title of Two Burgate ‘Gin of the Month’ this month due to their insanely good Herb Gin, but it’s not just us that think these guys are beyond fantastic and deserve some recognition for all their hard work. Since releasing their very first dry gin back in May 2018 Cooper King have picked up, not one, not two, not three, but FOUR international awards. Phew, that’s a lot of awards in a very short space of time.

World Gin Awards 2019 – Bronze Award Winner

The Gin Guide Awards 2019 – Winner

Bartenders’ Brand Awards 2019 – Triple Bronze Winner

International Wine & Spirits DMA Awards 2018 – Gold Award Winner

Some people love Cooper King Distillery’s products and environmentally friendly ethos so much they literally join the adventure and become a distillery founder, receiving life-time discounts and much more. You can check out the Cooper King website and learn more about becoming a founder here.

So, if you’re into responsible, local companies with heart grab a bottle of gin or whisky from Cooper King and don’t forget to let us know what you think about our ‘Gin of the Month’ on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram using:

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