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Gin of the Month - June 2019

Gin: Desert Ram, Army Strength Gin

Distillery: Yorkshire Dales Distillery

Region: Richmond, North Yorkshire

ABV: 50%

Garnish: Pink Grapefruit Peel

The Gin:

This month, we have a gin that will really make you pay ATTEN-SHUN! Desert Ram, London Dry Gin from the team over at Yorkshire Dales Distillery is the gin left standing when others simply aren’t strong enough.

This ‘Army Strength’ beverage is not for the feint of heart at a whopping 50% ABV, but it’s not the potency of this gin that makes it special enough to be Two Burgate’s June ‘Gin of the Month’ offering. This gin is a symbol of strength both literally and metaphorically speaking.

Inspired by the journeys undertaken by many soldiers, this humble gin is the bottle of a million stories. Stories of courage, commitment, sacrifice and most of all, true depth of character. The stories of ordinary people, putting themselves in extraordinary conditions, enduring things many of us could never comprehend, all because they believe in one outcome… Freedom.

It only takes one quick taste to recognise this gins’ well-travelled, rugged, smoothness. Quadruple distilled and ready to fight for your affection, Desert Ram gives you a glimpse into worlds only the very bravest have seen. Wild and dangerous yet beautiful all at the same time, very much like the ram you’ll find on the Desert Gin label.

Let your taste buds take a tour with the creators of this gin, first sip, lace up your boots and trek with us through the far-reaching fields of the former Yugoslavia, as you experience the thick sweetness of Desert Ram.

Second sip, time to don your camouflage amidst the endless rows of sweet citrus groves, as the wave of tangy orange peel and cardamom wash over you like the warm Mediterranean breeze.

As you hit the bottom of the glass, standing side by side with your comrades, the dusty, desolate landscapes of Central Asia lay before you, with warming, wood notes and a long spicy finish.

You’ll want to get a bottle or two squared away inside your alcohol cupboard and don’t forget the very best mixer there is… Freedom!

At ease gin drinkers.

About Yorkshire Dales Distillery:

Yorkshire Dales Distillery’s fate was sealed many years ago in a rather unusual setting, a boarding school. Inside the principal’s office sat young, first time rule breaker Tony, a well-behaved child who’d never been in trouble before (and hasn’t been since we should add). A fitting punishment decided, Tony was to call his parents and confess the crime: Brewing his very own alcohol.

His mortified Mother and secretly, proud-as-punch Dad, who’d worked for over 50 years as a Chemical Engineer in distilleries, listened intently as Tony explained exactly what he had done. Even at this young age it was almost inevitable that he would go on to complete a brewery course after his school years and as an adult start a distillery with his family, but this is where the story takes an unexpected turn.

Tony had another calling in life, one that would span two decades, taking him, his wife Sarah and family around the globe. This journey of a lifetime started at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, where Tony became an Officer of the British Army.

Travelling the world, leading many troops and calling many places ‘home’, the Brotherton family found that one place simply refused to be forgotten. North Yorkshire repeatedly marched through Tony and Sarah’s thoughts again and again, eventually enticing them back to the place they now call home.

After leaving the army and settling in Richmond, the Brothertons knew they wanted to set up their own business and so the ideas began to flow like gin. It needed to be something they could both be proud of, a family run business that would be a positive force within the community.

This is how Yorkshire Dales Distillery was born, not through number crunching or logical business acumen, but from the dreams of one young child in boarding school, growing up with the desire to serve his nation, support his community and promote the very thing he spent twenty years fighting for, freedom.

For many it’s often hard to comprehend the passion, strength and camaraderie involved when serving in the military. Putting yourself at risk, simply to provide a better, happier life for others.

Yorkshire Dales Distillery owners may not be part of the military anymore, but that doesn’t mean they’ve stopped taking risks. Nowadays the pair take the kind of risks that only the most ethical companies do, prioritising the employment of military veterans, ex-offenders, young people and the long-term unemployed, all alongside their family.

This loyal, resilient group that make up the Yorkshire Dales Distillery team, keep things running with military precision, from drink creation, development, distilling, bottling and labelling, right through to distributing. Nothing is too much work for these guys, including their mission of sourcing local products, which they take as seriously as possible.

Absolutely everything involved in creating Yorkshire Dales Distillery products, from botanicals, bottles and even their website design is testament to talent within the local community. It’s no coincidence that these guys have won three awards in the past twelve months and their distillery is going from strength to strength, just like their delicious army strength gin.

The world we live in today can be a scary place, along the way we all will face glorious victories, heart wrenching anguish and everything in-between. But as British citizens we live our lives freely, protected by those who run towards danger for us, meeting it head (and horns) first.

So, fill your glass with this vigilant, North Yorkshire families’ hardwork, loyalty and love, join us in raising your glass to the sky as we remember all those who’ve fought and those who still fight.

For those of you not made of tough-enough stuff to try army strength gin, fear not. We also stock Yorkshire Dales Distillery delights: Wild Ram Gin, Purple Ram Gin and Intrepid Ram Rum (try saying that after you’ve had a few).

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