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Northern Gin & Lionesses Match-Up

Updated: Nov 1, 2019

Tickets are now sold out for the Lionesses Vs. Germany football match at Wembley on 9th November. Yes, some of the Two Burgate team will be in the 90,000 strong, record breaking crowd and we couldn’t be more excited. So, we’ve decided to take a closer look at our fantastic England National Team.

Gin and women’s football share many similarities. Not convinced? Trust us, they really do. Both have received a huge amount of recognition within the past few years, despite being around for a very long time reasonably unnoticed, both in our opinion deserving much more attention.

The mainstream is only just opening its eyes to the huge array of talent in both fields. And hopefully, both are around to stay… for good!

Thankfully, just like some of the newest gins to hit the shelves, some of England’s finest female players are starting to become household names too. Also, like the stunning range of local gins made in the North of England, a surprisingly large number of our England Lionesses squad were also born ‘oop north’.

So, for every one of our inspirational Northern Lionesses, there’s a delicious local gin nearby. We’re here to introduce you to some of our favourites, so take a look below and see some of the finest match-fit beverages and footballing names you should expect to see more often.

Ellie Roebuck – Sir Robin of Locksley Gin

This young England goalie from Sheffield may not always make the England starting XI every single match, but it’s definitely not through lack of talent. If you’ve ever watched Roebuck play for England or her Barclay’s FA Women’s Super League team Manchester City, you’ll know that this is one world-class goalkeeper.

Still young but standing tall (5ft8.5 to be exact), holding her own and grabbing those clean sheets like they’re free gin giveaways. Roebuck always protects her net like a true northern hero.

Speaking of heroes; Also hailing from Sheffield, standing strong and saving the poor, almost as much as Roebuck spends her time saving on the pitch, is Sir Robin of Locksley Gin. Robin of Locksley is said to be the inspiration for legendary hero Robin Hood, so you know you’re in safe hands with this strong, righteous gin.

It might not be one of the biggest, mass produced gins on the market, but just like Ellie, it’s one of the very best. Full of heart, loved by the people and on a mission to succeed.

Described as balanced yet distinctively unique, Sir Robin of Locksley Gin is a fitting gin match for our skilled, young goalkeeper Ellie. This gin claimed its rightful place as Two Burgate’s gin of the month back in May 2019 (read it here). Just as we’re sure Ellie will soon claim her rightful place in your hearts, as one of your favourite Lionesses.

Learn more about Sir Robin of Locksley Gin here.

Steph Houghton – Durham Gin

One of the most experienced and renowned Lionesses, Captain Steph Houghton comes from Durham, where you can also find Durham Distillery and their fantastic Durham Gin.

One thing Steph and Durham Gin have in common from the outset, is they both know exactly how to stand out from the crowd. Steph with her distinct footballing talent and unquestionable leadership skills. Durham Gin with its flavour profile, boasting 10 botanicals and extremely distinct taste.

Topped in purple, Durham Gin reminds us of the Lionesses current training kit. The robust botanicals inside each purple-lidded bottle reflecting the workhorse mentality of our England Captain. Even when the game isn’t going her way, Steph’s determination and ability always shine through, very much like the flavours of this gin.

Only the very best batches make it into those beautiful Durham Gin bottles, much as every Manchester City and England fan knows, only the very best footballing skills make it onto the pitch when Centre Back Steph laces up her boots and walks down that tunnel.

Spicy but sweet, these two are a match made in heaven and we just know your match day would be worse-off without them both, no question.

Learn more about Durham Gin here.

Keira Walsh – Thomas Dakin Gin

Manchester is well-known for bringing us some of the most famous and emotion-stirring football teams in history. Let’s be honest, there probably isn’t a single person in the world who hasn’t heard of Manchester United or Manchester City. Just as there isn’t a Lionesses fan who doesn’t worship the name Keira Walsh.

Keira, a Manchester City Midfielder born and bred in Greater Manchester shares many similarities with the delightful Thomas Dakin Manchester Gin. This hand-crafted gin’s recipe is a closely guarded secret, much like the secret of how Keira has mastered the perfect recipe to her successful footballing career-cocktail, containing generous measures of defending, attacking and even goal-scoring, all before the age of 23.

She really is an all-round unforgettable player. Neither of these Manchester marvels will leave a sour taste in your mouth at the end of a match.

The Man City number 24’s finishes are just as delicious as the long, lingering but zesty punch that Thomas Dakin Gin delivers to your taste buds. With Walsh footwork as sweet as liquorice, the only way these two Manchester exports could be more alike, is if they changed the Thomas Dakin bottle from red to sky blue.

Unique, interesting and guaranteed to keep the whole team happy, Thomas Dakin and Keira Walsh are probably the ONLY time we’d ever condone mixing red with blue.

Learn more about Thomas Dakin Gin here.

Lucy Bronze – Holy Island Gin

One of the most beautiful places on earth, the Holy Island of Lindisfarne is a place like no other, the tidal island is the hometown of delicious Holy Island Gin, alongside being the place where Lucy Bronze, a player genuinely like no other hails from.

One of the very best Defenders in the world, Lioness Lucy Bronze matches Holy Island Gin perfectly, with wave after wave of beautiful, smooth and compelling footballing ability that’s enough to make anyone feel tipsy, Lucy always has us coming back for more just like Holy Island Gin.

This Gin is the true spirit of high tide in every sense, just as Bronze personifies the very spirit of football, playing with French club Olympique Lyonnais (arguably one of the best female teams in the world) and internationally for the England National Team. Bronze's career is more like a tsunami not just a high tide.

As fresh as the Northumberland coast, Lucy’s talent and passion for football collide creating a whirlwind of undeniable strength and artistry. The perfect balance that also represents the unmistakable taste of Holy Island Gin.

When Lucy’s around there aren’t just nutmegs galore on the pitch, Holy Island Gin also contains nutmeg as one of its main botanicals and let’s be honest, who doesn’t go nuts for a nutmeg or two? I know we can't get enough of either type.

The beautiful landscape of Holy Island stuns those who see it, a location as rich in history as Lucy Bronze is in world-class footballing experience. Thousands of tourists flocking to see the island and taste its magnificent gin, not too dissimilar from the 90,000 fans flooding into Wembley Stadium next month to catch a glimpse of the wonder that is Lucy Bronze.

Learn more about Holy Island Gin here.

Beth Mead – Whitby Gin

Dracula’s thirst for blood can be rivaled by only one thing, that’s right, Beth Mead’s thirst for success. Mead usually found in London, playing for her FA Women’s Super League Team Arsenal actually originates from Whitby, the home of Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Although there's another local legend that’s currently killing it in Whitby (not literally like Dracula though). Yes, we’re talking about Whitby Gin.

Whitby Gin started from small beginnings and just like Mead has quickly become an award winning, gold magnet. With bigger and better things in their sights.

If you’ve ever been to the sea-side town of Whitby you’ll know it’s essential, the moment you see wings in the sky, you need protect your fish and chips from the hungry seagulls above. Just as goalkeepers throughout the land see Winger Mead and try as best they can to protect the backs of their nets from the hungry goal scorer.

It’s true that the mysterious fables of Whitby live on inside Whitby Gin, if you get the light just right, you may even see a magical pearlescent glow coming from the drink (seriously, take a look). A similar glow can be seen radiating from Beth’s 'blue as the North Sea eyes', when she spots even the smallest of gaps in her oppositions defence and makes her move.

The ingredients of Whitby Gin are hand-picked within an area of outstanding natural beauty and turned into something special and unforgettable, a fitting match for fellow local talent, Beth Mead. Whitby Gin made our August gin of the month (read here) just as Mead never fails to make our preferred starting XI each matchday.

Learn more about Whitby Gin here.

We really are heading into a future that’s looking bright for women’s football, hopefully with lots of celebratory gins needed along the way. So, join Two Burgate as we watch the Lionesses roar, grab the gin and drink some more.

You can now watch all of this season’s Barclays FA Women’s Super League action using the free FA Player, simply download the app on your device, grab your favourite tipple, put your feet up and get to know all of the amazing female footballers representing England and making us proud.

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