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Love Is...

in the air, everywhere we look around, love is in the air & Two Burgate will help you save some pounds.

We're looking out for you and your bae this valentines, forget the mushy cards that have a rubbish rhyming poem inside, forget the bog standard supermarket flowers that last 12 hours before they start to look sadder than eeyore, attracting those annoying little flying bugs that seem to appear from nowhere.

Treat your significant other with something they really want... Yes, you guessed it, a romantic evening with fantastic company (that's you), more cheese and meat than you can shake a cow at and a delicious bottle of vino (that's posh talk for wine) to share with the love of your life.

We all know everybody wants a big one on valentines night, so that's exactly what we're offering: The Big One! Our ultimate sharing board complete with a bottle of our finest house wine, helping wash the cheese down whilst keeping those sweet nothings flowing.

The main attraction, a meat and cheese bombardment, including chorizo, salami, and several different types of ham. a glorious selection of cheeses, served with pickles, olives, chutney and don't forget the warm crusty bread that'll have you living your best life. It's a platter from the gods of love (that's us) even though you'll be too full to move afterwards, let alone get frisky (sorry).

This sounds expensive we hear you say? Fear not, you can have all this for less than £30 per couple on Valentines night when you book in advance. So avoid disappointment and an unhappy partner, give us a call, or get in touch on Facebook to secure your night of love at Two Burgate.

To all those currently without a special someone, put the V-Day hatred to one side, unleash your inner Beyonce, forget the stereotypes and treat your BFF to a valentines date, show those smushy, smug couples that singles can celebrate the day of love just as much as they can.

Happy Valentines, Spread the love!

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