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Mum's the Word

If you sit back and think about humanity, it’s utterly mind-boggling to comprehend just how many of us humans are rambling around this planet, going about our lives (just over 7.5 billion when we last counted). It’s hard to believe that every single one of us is completely unique, from our fingerprints and eye colour, right through to the way we think and feel.

One of the only things that every single one of us 7.5 billion share? You've got it, we’ve all had (and hopefully a lot of us still do have) a Mother! Some of us have two Mums, Mother’s in-law, Step Mums, people we love like Mothers, Mothers from another Brother... or something.

Let’s admit, it’s pretty hard, no, it’s neigh on impossible to come into this world without one. So, here’s the real question folks, when was the last time you thanked your Mum for giving you the greatest gift of all? Life.

If, like us, you sometimes forget to show your appreciation and maybe even take your life and your Mum(s) for granted (we’re all guilty as charged), this Sunday is your time to make amends. Grab your coat (and your Mum) and head on down to Two Burgate for our special Mother’s Day opening.

This Mothering Sunday we’ll be open for gin, prosecco and cakes, from 10:30am right through to 4pm. That’s just enough time for you to spend some quality time with one of the most important women in your life.

Our cake will be a celebratory, cheap £2 per slice, so you can treat your Mum and your tum, without breaking the bank. Still not convinced? Purchase a gin or prosecco and we’ll throw the cake in for free… You’re welcome!

As the great saying goes: "Life doesn’t come with a manual, it comes with a Mother!"

Even if you can’t bring your Mum for cake (and gin), remember to pick up the phone, call her and send some love and appreciation down the line.

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