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Tasty Two Burgate Tapas

With summer well and truly on the horizon, the team at Two Burgate felt it was time to bring a touch of España (that's Spain for those of you without Google Translate on hand) to Pickering.

It's time to put on the flip flops, shades and indulge in some al fresco dining with us... well, it is still North Yorkshire, so you might want to bring a cardigan and eat inside the bar, but absolutely nothing is going to stop us feeling exotic.

You may not get to experience any traditional Spanish bull fighting while you eat, but if you're lucky enough and in the right place at the right time, you may witness one of the local black labs tearing it up the hill to get to the pet shop. Just squint your eyes a little, pop a succulent garlic prawn in your mouth and Olé, you're practically in Spain.

Depending on how hungry you and your amigos are feeling, chose one, two, three or more dishes and just keep 'em coming until you've had enough. There'll be none of that awkward tapas etiquette with us. No more not knowing how many tapas dishes to order and ending up with the smallest dinner imaginable. We make sure you roll home with full stomachs.

Whet Your Tapastite

What's the second best thing to eating delicious food? That's right, planning to eat delicious food. Check out some of the tapas treats we have on offer:

Patatas Bravas

Yummy little roasties, served with a nice and spicy tomato sauce

Garlic Mushrooms

Sautéed mushrooms in a garlic and parsley butter

Homemade Pork & Beef Meatballs

Served in a rich tomato and red wine sauce

Marinated King Prawns

Delicious king prawns with garlic butter (you'll probably need some bread to mop up with)


Picante BBQ chorizo in a red wine and finger lickin' butter sauce

Olives, Bread & Dipping Oils

A grand selection of green and black pitted olives, served with artisan bread and 2 delicious dipping oils

Drooling already? Come and get tapastastic with us before these little beauties say ciao. Remember to book a table to avoid any disappointment. It's so easy to get in touch, give us a bell, or contact us via facebook or even the website chat and we'll get back to you as soon as we possibly can.

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