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Cheers to Valentine

Find someone who looks at you the same way they'd look at a piping hot pizza that's just about to silence their hungry, grumbling tummy. Or... if that's way too optimistic, just bring whoever you've got with you down to Two Burgate for some delicious homemade food, delectable drink and local live music this Valentines Day.

We'll be serving food from 6:00pm until around 8:30pm on the day of love. Remember, you'll need to book in advance (the Sean Paul song 'Get Busy' was actually inspired by us). Drop us a line, chat on our website, or find us on social media (@TwoBurgate) to get yourself and your true love booked in.

There'll be live music from 7:00pm until late from local superstar The Dangleberry. If you're not already head over heels in love with the idea of joining us, just book your table early to receive a complimentary drink on arrival (choice include: gin, wine, beer, rum or soft drink).

Friday the 14th is the perfect excuse to turn off the telly, put those phones down and treat your other half to some good old fashioned romance. Yes, yes, we know, Valentines Day is Marmite, some love it while others absolutely loathe it. But, like all things the day is simply whatever you make it.

Be grumpy and spend the day complaining about the price of flowers or join us for an amazing evening. Relight that fire and stoke the flame of love. You know... the one that we're all guilty of neglecting because we're too busy to stop and appreciate the ones we love.

So, shake off the routine, put on your best shoes, crank up the songs of loooove and let's get tipsy!

Valentines Day is and probably always will be a mysterious day. Cynics think it was invented by Hallmark to sell more cards, but here at Two Burgate we much prefer the more romantic version of it's origin.

It's been said that Valentine was a modest priest who lived a long time ago in the beautiful City of Rome. At the time, nasty Emperor Claudius II (who probably couldn't get a girlfriend) decided that single men made better fighters than those with lovers, so he made marriage illegal.

Valentine, being a lover not a fighter, took it upon himself to right the Emperor's wrongs and continued to perform marriages for all those star-crossed lovers more interested in recreation than world domination.

When the Emperor found out there were newly-weds skipping around laughing, happy and in love. He hit the roof and beheaded Valentine for his sins.

So, grab your lover (or borrow a friend for the night) come down to Two Burgate in Pickering where it'll be the good times rolling... not heads! Raise a glass to celebrate Valentine, the love he spread and commiserate why he's dead.

Let's drink to love!

Looking forward to seeing you there - Don't forget to book and follow us on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter.

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