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Gin of the Month - December 2019

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

Month: December 2019

Gin of the Month: Sloe Gin with Winter Spices

Distillery: Sloemotion

Region: North Yorkshire

ABV: 32.5%

Garnish With: Orange Peel & Cinnamon Stick

The Gin:

The lights on the Christmas tree twinkled delicately as the last of the evenings, orange glowing embers dwindle to black inside the fireplace. The clock on the mantlepiece chimed eleven o’clock proudly, before silence settled back into place, alongside the darkness.

Then, through the silence a light pitter-patter of loose rubble falling down the chimney could be heard. The black cat curled up at the foot of the tree looked up, begrudgingly opening one tired eye to investigate the disturbance that dared to awake him from his slumber.

*THUD* a large brown sack landed inside the fireplace, where festive, flickering flames danced only hours before. The cat leapt up in fright, all four paws high in the air, before sprinting up the stairs to safety.

One big, shiny black boot emerged through the cloud of soot, then another, both trimmed generously with fur, followed by legs wrapped in the most luxurious red trousers you ever did see.

Once free from the chimney, he set to work. Placing presents galore at the foot of the tree, where the peaceful sleeping cat used to be.

The imposing figure looked huge in the small, but comfortable living room. Almost the same height as the lush, Nordic fir Christmas tree, who’s branches changed from red to blue and back to green again, against the fairy lights.

With two big, but surprisingly agile strides, he was peering down at the coffee table. Stroking his impressive beard, as white as snow, whilst he surveyed the offerings before him. Several crumbly chocolate chip cookies placed neatly next to a large beverage.

This is what he’d worked for all year. Countless hours making toys, organising the elves and living in a climate so cold, most mortals referred to it as uninhabitable. But these few moments of indulgence were about to make it all worthwhile.

He pursed his lips, held the glass to his mouth, ready to savor the flavour and started to sip… Pffffttttt, he spat the drink out in disgust, all over his lovely red suit. This wasn’t his festive favourite, this wasn’t what he’d travelled faster than light around the earth for.

His wide, ice blue eyes searched the room frantically. And then he saw it… The delectable berry-red liquid, filling it’s pretty glass bottle, the ‘limited edition’ sticker over the cork unbroken.

THIS is what he had been waiting for, wild sloes and a medley of wonderful winter spices, steeped patiently in hedgerow gin, to achieve the perfect festive flavour. A one in eight-hundred limited edition sloe gin that warms the heart, just as much as it warms the body when enjoyed neat.

Slightly stronger than sloe gin, but just as delicious when combined with a mixer. This bottle of Sloemotion, Hedgerow Sloe Gin with Winter Spices sat unopened, while he, the one and only Father Christmas was given some other poor excuse of a drink.

Tonight, the air was filled with magic, merriment and joy, but the people who lived in this house wanted to keep their Sloemotion all to themselves and that, for Santa, simply wouldn’t do.

He scooped up the gifts he’d placed under the tree, shoved every last one of the cookies into his mouth and grabbed the unopened bottle of Sloemotion Sloe Gin with Winter Spices, before stuffing it safely into his sack.

With a smattering of magic dust and a flash of light, he was gone. The space underneath the tree bare and one less bottle standing in the alcohol cupboard. Oh, what a sad Christmas tale.

Show someone how much they’re appreciated this Christmas and treat them to a limited edition Sloemotion. You never know, it may just make those Christmas miracles possible. Or, save the good stuff all for yourself and risk ending up a permanent fixture on the naughty list.

With 50p from every bottle of this Winter Spices Sloe Gin going straight to the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, the more you drink, the higher up the nice list you’ll be.

Make it magical, always live life on the hedge.

About Sloemotion:

Founded in 2002, Sloemotion (a small family business) started its life just a hop, skip and jump away from Two Burgate. But locality isn’t the only reason we adore these guys. When you read through their website you’d be forgiven for thinking you’d fallen into a rather delightful Beatrix Potter tale. Foraged fruits, handpicked from local hedgerows and orchards by cute little hat wearing hedgehogs… Ok, we may have made the last bit up, but their love of nature, the North Yorkshire countryside and the abundance of animals (donning headwear or not) shines through in their gin.

This really is guilt-free gin in all its glory, even the gin sample cups they use are biodegradable. And don’t even get us started on how adorable their loyal employee Patch is (check him out on the Sloemotion website).

So, if you love, locally, ethically produced gin (who on this earth doesn’t) and you haven’t tried Sloemotion yet, what’s keeping you? Start living life on the hedge and discover why the place to be now-a-days in definitely the hedgerow.

Sloemotion's Hedgerow Gin was our 'Gin of the Month' back in April 2019, read all about it here.

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