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Wintery Weather & Wobbly Tables - Welcome Back!

Possibly the most anticipated day of the last twelve months, April 12th saw us re-open our doors to our wonderful customers. In what can only be described as the best trade deal in history, they brought us everything we needed - smiles, loyalty and witty banter and in exchange we brought them everything they needed - gin, coffee and a super sanitised sun-trap in the heart of North Yorkshire. A few weeks into our 'new normal' for the time being, we just wanted to stop (for the first time since April 12th!) and say a huge 'thank you' and show our appreciation for those of you who have shown your support so far.

It was almost as if the weather knew how desperate people were to visit their favourite watering holes again, as the last weeks have brought beautiful sunshine and the first sights of spring - perfect for outside dining and catching up with friends and family. There's one element though that people seem to have either noticed and whole-heartedly ignored or have managed to acclimatise themselves to through a combination of northern grit and imagining you are elsewhere - Spain perhaps. We're talking about the temperature, because it's still actually been quite cold.

It is only fair therefore that the first shout-out goes to those who've sat outside in just a t-shirt (and trousers obviously). Thanks to you for making us feel warmer and giving out the 'Costa del Burgate' vibes - we hope the Pickering sunshine has allowed you to top up the tan even just a little bit. But just in case you weren't sure... it is okay to still wear a jacket outside in May if you get too cold. Hopefully, if the two Burgate gods are kind to us, we should only be about two or three weeks away from some warmer weather, and it will be you guys in team t-shirt who we call on to set the trend of alfresco evening dining without heaters - not for the faint hearted.

Along with the t-shirt wearers, I guess we could also congratulate those still partial to a handful of ice to keep their drink cool. The toughest of the tough, we know you mean business and will not let the below-average temperatures stand in the way of the perfect gin and tonic.

It only seems right to address the fact that the physical act of eating and drinking solely outside has presented many challenges as well. Although here at two Burgate we love our place on the top of the hill, some of our diners may not have felt the same whilst watching their lunch slide off the table, or be cruelly fooled as to how much wine they have left in their glass due to the tilt of the table. Off the back of this, we would like to extend our thanks and congratulations to you all for dining on a camber with minimal mess and mishaps, and for making it look so elegant - we obviously haven't been supplying you with enough alcohol!

A huge thanks must also go to our wonderful staff - they've sanitised the life out of everything, stuck to what can only be described as the most complicated set of rules ever, and still managed to serve you all some pretty impressive looking food and drinks with a humongous smile. It takes a special type of person and I believe we've found some of the best!

So as we round off with positive notes of thanks and hints of warmer weather to come, the last (but definitely not least) ounce of gratitude must without a doubt go to you all, for supporting us and pretending to enjoy your soup through chattering teeth, but also for sticking to the rules so nicely and making our job easier. It's been great to welcome you back outdoors and we can't wait to welcome you inside too.

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